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We Offer A Full Suite of Risk Management Services

Are you overwhelmed by conflicting opinions, feeling confused and anxious about your business decisions? Wanting assurance and certainty to build a stable, successful business without wasting resources or risking failure? Need a clear path to comply with regulations, satisfy investors, and scale operations smoothly?

We feel your pain!

As seasoned authorities in Risk and Resilience, our expertise spans the globe, assisting businesses of all sizes. Renowned for our insights, we've graced the stage at leading conferences and have lent our expertise to a wide array of projects, from training parliamentary bodies on risk strategies to orchestrating comprehensive enterprise risk management systems. 

Loss Reduction

Unsure where your operations are weakest? Do you want to reduce financial losses from fixable mistakes? 

We hear you.

Our operational risk experts can cut through the fog to get clarity on the causes of financial losses, client dissatisfaction and security concerns- and help fix them!

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Operational Resilience

Do you know how your business would fare in a crisis?

Business continuity planning, third party & supply chain risk management and operational resilience can help you.

Less anxiety, and more assurance that you can face an uncertain future with confidence, with help from our Canary's.


Discover Opportunity

Where are the biggest opportunities in your business, and how can you exploit them?

Outpace your competitors with risk models that show not only where the biggest downsides are, but also where your biggest revenue opportunities lie.

Make smarter decisions that get you to your objectives faster.

Customer Reach

Outsourced Risk Function

If you're facing challenges with in-house risk management resources, or are in search of a solution that aligns better with your business strategy, our tailored outsourced risk management solutions are the answer.

Our offerings span from handling day-to-day administrative duties to providing a comprehensive, fully outsourced risk management service. 

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What Our Clients Say...

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"(Laura's) expertise extends across various industries, showcasing her adaptability and agility in addressing diverse challenges. She is an effective communicator and a natural leader, fostering a culture of risk-awareness within organisations and encouraging proactive risk mitigation strategies. Her leadership style promotes collaboration and encourages team members to think critically and innovatively when it comes to managing risks.
What truly sets Laura apart is her unwavering commitment to achieving excellence. She is meticulous in her analysis and decision-making, consistently delivering high-quality solutions that safeguard an organisation’s interests. Her ability to align risk management with broader business goals and objectives is a testament to her strategic acumen."

Steven H, Chief Information Officer
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Laura’s understanding of the nature of risk is exceptional. 

Laura introduced me to the concept of the ‘gray rhino’ - obvious risks that are neglected. Sometimes risk managers like to focus on obscurity or uncertainty rather than finding solutions to help mitigate hard to abate risks that are right in front of you.

Laura can be a great help for any business or client that wants to tackle risks in the top right hand corner of the matrix and those that are in the import ‘non-urgent’ category. Laura certainly helped me assess climate and biodiversity risks from a wider perspective. 

Laura is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Greg E, Managing Director
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Laura is a Risk Wizard!

She has a real passion for all things risk-related and this passion is backed by an incredible knowledge and a boundless desire to continually learn and grow. 

Laura’s drive and expertise has been priceless to us in the creation of the RiskSmart platform and she has been a fantastic sounding board for ideas and concepts and has been able to apply her years of experience in providing an operational and pragmatic approach to risk management.

I would not hesitate to recommend Laura as I know how capable she is and with her balance views and professional but approachable nature she is a pleasure to work with and this is a very rare talent.”

Emma B, Head of Customer Success
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“Laura is a rare talent in the risk management world. Someone that is experienced in quantitative risk models and decision science but much more importantly, a risk manager that has practical expertise instilling risk discipline in the commercial world, overcoming challenges around risk culture, changing behaviours and influencing in the boardroom.”

Danny W- Founder
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Having worked with Laura for a number of years, I truly believe that Laura’s passion for risk management, her desire to do the right thing (to high standards), her can-do attitude and a desire to continually learn meant that she will be an asset to any firm she works for or with.”

Iain F, Enterprise & Operational Risk Expert
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"I had the pleasure of working with Laura when she delivered an exceptional risk training session on behalf of our company. Laura’s professionalism and expertise were evident from the start. She not only possesses a deep understanding of risk management but also has the remarkable ability to convey complex concepts in an engaging and accessible manner.

Throughout the training, Laura demonstrated remarkable patience and adaptability, ensuring that all participants were able to grasp the material, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience. Her enthusiasm and commitment to development of our customers team was great to see.

Laura’s approachability and willingness to address any questions or concerns made the training a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable experience. I highly recommend Laura Fox for any organization seeking a knowledgeable, professional, and personable risk management trainer."

Gareth B- Senior Crisis Manager
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Having worked on the implementation of an ERM Framework for a brand new bank with Laura I can speak with confidence of her professionalism. Laura has a unique ability to bring business partners together to drive forward “win win” solutions whilst ensuring the business strategic objectives remain forefront in all aspects of her approach. Her infectious positivity and multi-layered knowledge of all things risk along with heaps of EQ only helps in bringing people along with her.

I too as an experienced risk professional appreciated the input, challenge and debate to achieve the best results possible. I cherish the thought-provoking time our paths crossed. I hope we both learnt a lot from each other but I definitely did from Laura, a lot of which I have taken with me and utilise on an ongoing basis.”

Lucy C- Senior Risk Officer
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Laura is a tonic! A bright, engaging, extremely knowledgeable risk professional. I have enjoyed and benefited from each of our encounters. She comes highly recommended by me.

James D- Head of Enterprise Risk

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